Anna Giedrys

Anna is a designer with many interests—she favors fonts and graphics when working, and illustration as a welcomed distraction. She holds an MA in Visual Communication from the University of Fine Arts in Poznań, and discovered her interest in pattern and calligraphy while studying in Vilnius, Lithuania. She designed Signika, a type family for wayfinding, and collaborated on the open-source type families Yrsa and Rasa, which support the Latin and Gujarati scripts. After freelancing for several studios, Anna now works with Rosetta.

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Yrsa 5 начертаний
Signika SC Вариативный шрифт
Signika Negative SC 4 начертания
Signika Negative 4 начертания
Signika Вариативный шрифт
Rasa 5 начертаний