Julieta Ulanovsky

Julieta is a graphic designer and owner of [ZkySky](http://zkysky.com.ar/), a design studio which she co-founded in 1989 after earning a degree in Typeface Design. She lives and works in Montserrat, the first and oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Julieta admires many type designers including Harald Geisler, and fellow Argentines Juan Pablo del Peral and Alejandro Paul. She is currently developing new variants of Montserrat—italics, plus new weights and styles—and dreams that it will soon become a large, extended family.


Trueno 22 начертания
Montserrat Ace 10 начертаний
Montreal 2 начертания
Argentum Sans 18 начертаний
Wendy One 1 начертание
NATS 1 начертание
Montserrat Subrayada 2 начертания
Montserrat Alternates 18 начертаний
Montserrat 18 начертаний