Шрифт Akurapoppo Luxury Handwritten относится к категории рукописные. Гарнитура содержит 1 начертание. Поддерживает 12 языков. Можно использовать в не коммерческой деятельности. Разработка шрифта Akurapoppo Luxury Handwritten велась Alifinart Studio.




Akurapoppo is my creation font (Alifinart) in March 2020. This font is a fantastic font for me, because this font has many advantages. This font is not only superior to the number of ligature that reaches more than 30, but also has various types of swash on the front and back of the letters. You can freely use a variety of attractive, natural and beautiful ligature.

Akurapoppo font is a font that has a stable, strong, unyielding and stubborn meaning, but besides that, it has a soft, dynamic and flexible meaning.

Akurapoppo font is very suitable for use as a branding or logo, suitable for cosmetic products, food, coffee, invitation cards, greeting cards, letters, and others.

Hopefully this font will be the font that is liked by many people.

Copyright © 2020 Alifinart

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Copyright © 2020 Alifinart

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