Шрифт Chasing Embers относится к категориям рукописные, декоративные. Гарнитура содержит 1 начертание. Поддерживает 37 языков.



Personal and Non-Profit Use Only.

Purchase the Licensed Version here: https://sellfy.com/p/YdR6/
Which includes the Capitals, Numerals and some Punctuations.
Available in OpenType and TrueType files.

About this font:
A Typeface that has ink/watercolor texture of its own.
No need to overlay anything, just throw it over your photographs and projects!
This font is a camouflage to whatever background you lay under it. Have fun!
Note: Try typing the underscore symbol, it's a bonus!


Author: The Branded Quotes
Chasing Embers © (The Branded Quotes). 2015. All Rights Reserved

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