Шрифт Medieval Sorcerer Ornamental. Гарнитура содержит 1 файл и поддерживает 12 языков. Можно использовать в не коммерческой деятельности. Разработка Medieval Sorcerer Ornamental велась ~Sorcerer~.


Copyright (c) ~Sorcerer~, 2005. All rights reserved. [email protected] - This font is based loosely on a script found in the book Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms (Chicago: Hill Standard Book Co., 1893) by Thomas E. Hill. This font is Shareware. To purchase the rights to use this font, contact the author at the e-mail address above. Purchase price is $5.00 - This font may be used for educational purposes for no charge with my consent. This font is not to be redistributed without express written permission beforehand.

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Шрифт Medieval Sorcerer Ornamental