Шрифт VTC-RoughedUp. Гарнитура содержит 1 файл и поддерживает 41 язык. Можно использовать в не коммерческой деятельности. Разработка VTC-RoughedUp велась Vigilante Typeface Corporation.


Copyright © 2009, Larry E. Yerkes, Vigilante Typeface Corporation,WolfBainx and Associates All rights reserved. This font should not be distributed without a License and is not to be modified under any circumstances.This Font is provided free for personal non-commercial use and not to be used for commercial purposes without purchasing those rights from the copyright holder. Email: [email protected] for any questions or to purchase the rights to use this font in a commercial venture.-(http://www.myspace.com/wolfbainx - http://wolfbainx.deviantart.com/ - http://www.facebook.com/wolfbainx)

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Шрифт VTC-RoughedUp